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August, 1997

Edward M. Lichten, M.D.
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Growth Hormone:

Key to "Anti-Aging" Medicine
"The Best is Yet to Come"

According to Dr. Edward Lichten

Fred, Darlene and Mary may be the youngest seniors being evaluated by Edward M. Lichten, M.D., a nationally recognized innovator in the field of hormonal replacement. Eighty-three year old Paul plans on running marathons above the arctic circle as he has done successfully just two years ago. Seventy-eight year old Milton plans on returning to part-time employment managing a health equipment service company in Florida. And sixty-five year old Mary plans on swimming faster than she did last year to win metals at the National Senior Olympic Trials in Hawaii. "What makes Fred and Darlene and Mary unique is that they all have maintained youthful levels of human growth hormone (HGH)," explains Dr. Lichten.

Fred is especially unique: his body naturally produces growth hormone equivalent to that of a twenty year old. "He may be one in a million," reports Dr. Lichten, “because most of us lose 15-20% of our growth hormone along with other hormones including testosterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, thyroid and Melatonin every decade beyond our thirtieth year."

 For Darlene and Mary, augmenting their HGH to more youthful levels has brought favorable and dramatic lifestyle improvements. Darlene began HGH replacement six years ago. "At 58 I was always tired; I napped twice daily. I put on 5 pounds and 4 inches around my waist. I was too tired even for anything. And to top it off, my hip was causing me pain." Placed on low dose HGH, her body shape rapidly changed. "I felt younger, more energetic and more alert," he exclaimed. " I started both walking and lifting weights again; and I trimmed down 10 pounds in the first couple of months. I got strength and shape back in my arm muscles. 

But the potential benefits to implementing low may be best typified by Mary. "At age 61, I was hurting too much to swim; I was too weak to perform the butterfly stroke or go long distances. My endurance was ‘shot.’ I was thinking of giving up my recreational swimming altogether," states Mary. "But Dr. Lichten first started me, just four years ago, with DHEA, a high protein diet, vitamins and enzymes. The rewards of his program paid off when last year, I took 7 first place gold metals in the Michigan Senior Olympic Swim Trials. This year, with refinements in my hormonal replacement, I not only won the 7 first place gold metals in the Michigan Senior Olympic Swim Trials, but I also competed in the regional event in Texas. Swimming 20% faster this year than last, my biggest improvement has occurred during the last month when Dr. Lichten added HGH replacement to my regimen. I lost 10 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle in that first month of HGH alone! Some tell me now that my figure is that of a woman 15 years younger. I know that I am stronger and feel healthier than I have for a long time. I am proof that seniors can Live Longer and Live Better with Dr. Lichten’s comprehensive hormonal replacement program."

Dr. Lichten’s approach is not limited to hormonal therapies alone. As a consultant to a number of United States athletes, Dr. Lichten’s non-hormonal therapies include diet manipulation and over-the-counter minerals and herbal therapies. Unofficially, his suggestions have brought reports of increased endurance and strength in the Olympic pre-trials. Yet for baby boomer and their parents, HGH seems to be the key ingredient to staying in the best possible health.

But it is not merely senior adults who can benefit from Dr. Lichten’s hormonal medical modalities, especially HGH. As baby boomers approach the age of fifty and begin to feel the effects of aging, they want answers and treatments for their fatigue and reduced endurance. No longer do they have the stamina to compete with their younger co-workers. Nor are they able to complete their once routine exercise program as noted by their increased abdominal girth. And their personal life suffers as well. Take the following cases of Richard and Helen.

Fifty year old Richard has suffered with progressive fatigue. As the CEO of a large company, his lack of energy has disrupted his life. Falling asleep at midday, crabby with his wife and feeling oldhas caused him to almost abandon his passion for race cars. "My joints hurt, I sleep poorly, and I feel like I could no longer keep up the pace." After discussing his concerns with Dr. Lichten, Richard’s was started on one of Dr. Lichten’s hormonal protocols. And the quality of his life began to change. "I first started with DHEA, vitamin and protein supplements. Next came a series of hormonal replacements with thyroid, testosterone and HGH. Now I can say I feel 30 again!" Richard not only outwork men half his age, but he supervised his stock car’s first place national finish in his spare time. With his program of vitamins, nutrition and hormonal replacement, Richard hopes to continue his hectic pace for many more years to come. "I love my new life," he states.

Then there is fifty-nine year old Helen. Sluggish, nervous, suffering from headaches and anxiety, Helen no longer finds her life rewarding. To top it off, Helen has been experiencing the pain caused by age-related arthritis. Yet once Dr. Lichten prescribed HGH, Helen began to feel young again. "I took 10 pounds of fat and turned them into 10 pounds of muscle in two months," she cheerfully states. "And I no longer have joint pain; my anxiety and headaches are under control, too. In fact, my friends are asking me when I had a facelift. I am now motivated and energetic enough to work with a personal trainer. And I took 10 strokes off my 18 hole golf score with drives 20 yards further than before!"

Interestingly, HGH is not just for “baby boomers” and the elderly who want to reduce the effects of aging by building strong muscles and enhancing youthful attitudes. There are, also, the forgetful mind and weakened immune systems which also benefit from HGH-- and should be considered, where indicated, as reasons to prescribe HGH. Furthermore, recent medical research suggests that HGH may be therapeutic when treating many other body systems and previously incurable medical diseases as well. David is one such person who’s life has changes due to the implementation of HGH.

Eric is one example where Human Growth Hormone has brought quality back to the life of someone stricken with an immune disorder. Eric, an active forty-three year old with a successful dental practice, began experiencing disabling joint pain with accompanying toxic fatigue. After seeking the advice and treatment of nearly forty specialists, Eric’s condition had still not been diagnosed and treated. "Then I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia," Eric revealed," and Dr. Lichten started HGH replacement. Not only can I function at work once again, but this therapy gives me the energy to run on the beach during my vacation!" Although HGH is not a cure for fibromyalgia or any other condition, it can allow many to function at nearly normal levels for an extended period of time.

Rosalyn at 45 years of age, weighed over 200 pounds, experienced osteoporosis and vertebral disc compression, and remained in a state of complete exhaustion from her hypopituitary state. "No one would consider my fatigue seriously," she stated. "I couldn’t walk a block without being completely winded. Then, one year ago, Dr. Lichten began a program of gradual HGH replacement." Rosalyn’s HGH level was so low that it was not measurable; "it was less than half that of the other individuals who qualified for HGH," noted Dr. Lichten. "I slowly increased the amount of HGH replacement, while following the serum levels of Somatomedin-C, and continued to treat all of Rosalyn’s complaints. As human growth hormone increased Rosalyn’s metabolic rate, Dr. Lichten adjusted her estrogen, testosterone, and thyroid hormones accordingly. Today, Rosalyn is 150 pounds and no longer restricted in her activities. "I can spend hours walking with my family in the woods by our cottage. I never thought this would be possible again."

Then there is Sam, a 49 year old former world class weight lifter. Sam suffers with dilated cardiomyopathy. His heart function is less than one-third of normal. This severely limits his ability to function. On steroids, his weight has ballooned to over 350 pounds and, without a heart transplant, his chance for survival is dismal. Sam is embarking on a program of HGH, DHEA, and testosterone replacement under the care of his cardiologist and Dr. Lichten. "This is one of the first hormone programs in the United States," exclaims Dr. Lichten," that may give him some additional time, some improved heart function, and some quality to his life". In affiliation with physicians from Botsford, Providence, Sinai Hospitals and the DMC-University, Dr. Lichten has now begun to orchestrate individualized hormonal therapy programs. At present, his research and treatment protocols include therapeutic replacement of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for the following medical diseases:

1. chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
2. mixed connective tissue diseases
3. hypopituitarism
4. diabetes mellitus, adult onset (Type II)
5. dilated cardiomyopathy

"Take diabetes mellitus, for example," explains Dr. Lichten. "For sixty years the only treatment has been to augment insulin. With either exogenous insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents, the patients experience some control over high serum glucose levels. Yet, diabetics still die 10 or more years before they would if they were not diabetic. There has to be a better method."

Dr. Lichten, under an independent review board, has found a means to improve diabetic control without insulin or oral agents. "I found that diabetics have low levels of HGH. This has not been noted before. With appropriate hormonal replacement, some initial diabetic adults have been able to reduce their insulin and oral agent dosages by 80%. I hope to establish the effectiveness of this protocol for taking such individuals off these medications completely."

If Dr. Lichten is able to control the uneven fluctuations of glucose that occur today, there may be improved quality of life and improved life expectancy in adult onset, insulin and non-insulin dependent diabetics.

Dr. Lichten is enthusiastic about these HGH programs. "What we are now recognizing is the wide range of therapeutic activities of hormones. Take a commonly prescribed hormone, estrogen for example. Not only is estrogen effective for ‘hot flushes,’ it reduces the risk of cardiovascular, stroke, fractured hips and death by 50% in chronic users. Alzheimer’s disease may be reduced by 80% in long-term users. Calculations imply that long term estrogen use extends life by 3 years. But estrogen is only one of more than eight replaceable hormones. Can we make our lives better and live 20 years more by replacing all hormones?" Only time and persistent research will tell.

Research publications in the United States and Europe foretell a wide range of applications for alternative hormonal programs. Robert Bennett, M.D. in Portland, Oregon championed HGH for severe fibromyalgia. John McGuire, M.D., at Stanford, enthusiastically prescribes DHEA for lupus erythematosis. SSC Yen, M.D., at UCSD has personally taken DHEA for chronic fatigue for 15 years. Powrie in England prescribes HGH for hypopituitarism and Fazio in Italy offers HGH for dilated cardiomyopathy.

"Whatever happens, the most dramatic treatments are yet to come," notes Dr. Lichten. Although TIME® Magazine’s cover, November 25, 1996 promotes "How Science is searching for ways to keep us FOREVER YOUNG," Dr. Lichten feels the real breakthroughs will occur in hormonal therapy. "Hormonal therapy is unlimited. All mammalian species use hormones to direct the activities within each cell in the body. As aging occurs, you get thin, inelastic skin, fat around organs and in muscle bodies, and ‘tired’ cells-- all because of low hormonal levels. We see that HGH can rejuvenate the skin, energize the cells and remove the layers of fat; what we do not know is how long HGH, as well as other hormones, can sustain these anti-aging effects. I am glad to be taking part in this anti-aging revolution, now. I feel the best is yet to come!


DHEA-sulfate 200-600 ug/dl

Testosterone-total 400-800 ng/dl

(IGF-1) Somatomedin-C 200-400mg/ml

Installed: September 1, 1997
Updated: January 23,2010