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As a board certified gynecologist for 30 years, I have noticed the positive effects hormones have on skin aging.  Oil of Olay™ put estrogens in their skin creams nearly 40 years ago. Research shows the use of bio-identical estradiol reduces wrinkles when prescribed both systemically and topically. Testosterone, in proper dosages, thickens parchment thin skin.  And DHEA can help dissolve brown spots on the hands and face and improve scar healing.

The advent of Botox™, Restylane™ and Pearlane™ offers the trained surgeon the opportunity to block wrinkles and fill in minor and major creases in the face. We in the anti-aging and cosmetic enhancement field recognize, just as the ancient Greeks did, that the reflective face appears younger.  Removing the dark wrinkles, brown and red discoloration, the large pores and acne makes the face appear much younger.  Now with these readily available and easy to use agents, we can accomplish facial contouring once only available through major plastic surgery.

Before and After Liquid Facelift!

Plastic Surgery is not the answer for most men and women in their 30's, 40's 50's and early 60's.  With the advances in non-surgical cosmetics, there are now many procedures that can be done in the office setting. 

*These office procedures are low cost, relatively painless, and allow the patient to return to work the same day.

We invite you to explore the individual web pages that are listed below, view the before and after pictures, and observe the doctor as he performs these procedures on his patients. 

These products and procedures were not available three years ago.  As of January 2003, there were only a handful of physicians in the United States with knowledge of the full range of usefulness of Botox™,  experience with Restylane™ and Pearlane™ facial fillers and the newest equipment: IPL photo-light rejuvenation by Quantum™ and Aurora™ thermal face-lift.  We have all these non-surgical, non-invasive office cosmetic procedures available to you including cutting-edge research with sagging facial skin and abdominal stretch marks!

This is the beginning of 21st cosmetic medicine.    

 Enjoy the experience!


Two Million Botox injections every year

PERLANE™ fillers for naso-labial folds, lips and under eye lifts!

Cheek lift from Perlane

RESTYLANE™ For Frown Lines Fillers

For Crow's Feet use Restylane